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Download SqlSpec v4.2 for SQL 2008 BETA With KEYGEN

SqlSpec v4.2 for SQL 2008 BETA | 1.07 MB
SqlSpec generates documentation in two formats: HTML or CHM. HTML is useful for publishing your documents on the web or an intranet site. CHM is useful if you want a single, compact file containing all your documentation about one or more databases. The CHM is indexed so it is easily searchable for any keyword. This way you can easily determine which objects reference the "EmployeeID" column, for example. SqlSpec supports every major DBMS on the market today. See the pages below for a detailed list of the items documented by SqlSpec for all supported platforms. * SQL Server * Analysis Server * Microsoft Access * Oracle * MySQL * PostgreSQL * DB2 * Sybase ASE * Sybase SQL Anywhere * Informix * VistaDB * ENEA Polyhedra Homepage: Download;

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