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ManageEngine OpUtils Professional v5.6

· Switch Port Mapper - Tool to check and display the devices connected to the ports of a Switch. · IP Address Manager - Tool to scan the subnets and identify the used and available IP Addresses. · Rogue Detection - Tool to detect the unauthorized network access. · Bandwidth Monitor - Tool to monitor the average BPS and percentage utilization of all the Interfaces in the specified device. · Network Monitor - Tool to monitor the availability and response times of critical network devices. · Config File Manager - Config File Manager downloads/uploads the StartUp and/or the Running config files from the given CISCO device and displays them. It also shows the colored difference between the two files. · DHCP Scope Monitor - Tool to find the used and available IP addresses in the scopes of the DHCP Server. · Trap Receiver - Tool to view the SNMP Traps sent from the network devices. · MAC IP List - To get the list of MAC and IP Addresses in the network. · Ping Tool - Tool to ping a node to check its connectivity status in the network. · Ping Scan - Tool to scan a range of IP addresses to check if they are alive and reachable in the network. · SNMP Ping - Tool to ping a node, for checking if the node is SNMP enabled. · SNMP Scan - Tool to scan a range of SNMP-enabled IP addresses to check if they are alive and reachable. · Proxy Ping - Tool to do a ping test from a remote router to another remote device. · Trace Route - Tool to record the route (the specific gateway computers at each hop) through the network from Host to the target Destination. · MAC Address Resolver - Tool to resolve IP Address or Host Name to MAC Address and vice versa. · MAC Address Scan - Tool to discover the physical address of a given range of devices and map them with the corresponding IP addresses. · DNS Resolver - A data query tool to translate host name into IP Address and vice versa. · DNS Scan - Tool to audit the given range of IPs for Reverse Lookup. · Wake-On-LAN - Tool to remotely power on a PC. · Port Scanner - Tool to scan the ports of a system. · System Details Update - Tool to view and update the details, such as Name, Location, and Contact details. · System Explorer - Tool to view the complete details of a device like, disk space, cpu usage, processes, installed software, etc. · TCP Reset - Tool to find and reset the list of TCP connections established with the switches, routers, etc., in the network. · SNMP Walker - Tool to retrieve information for a set of OIDs in a MIB. · SNMP Table - Tool to retrieve the data for the specified Table OID from the device. · SNMP Graph - Tool to gather data in real time and to draw graph for any SNMP device using the available data. · MIB Browser - Tool to load, browse, search, and walk through SNMP MIBs, and perform certain basic SNMP functions. · MIB Viewer - Tool to retrieve and analyze information about a MIB or a specific MIB OID/node from a MIB file. · Community Checker - Tool to detect the read and write community strings of the devices in the network. Requirements: · CPU - P4 - 1.0GHz · RAM - 512 MB · Disk Space - 200MB Download:

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